Did you know that Powder Butterfly offers a wide range of corporate gifts and other bespoke products? That’s right, the same company that has brought you an extensive selection of uniquely British items from local brands, also offer a beautifully curated selection of specialty items that are perfect for all of your corporate gift giving needs. And these aren’t your run-of-the-mill corporate gifts that typically end up in a drawer somewhere. Our range of corporate gift items and bespoke products are high quality, professionally designed gifts, perfect for showing your appreciation or to commemorate a new partnership with a client or vendor.

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High Quality Bespoke Corporate Gift And Award Services

When you choose Powder Butterfly’s corporate gifts and bespoke products, you are not only getting the highest quality products available, but you are getting award-winning artwork created exclusively for your needs. Using our iconic landmarks or a custom tailored design suited to your company’s heritage, background, even your location. Whatever design you need, our team of artisan crafters can make it happen.

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At Powder Butterfly, we have made it our mission to create the type of corporate gifts that will be displayed with pride, not tucked away somewhere. Your clients and colleagues are sure to love the gifts they receive and cherish them for many years to come.

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Uniquely British Items

Every product we sell at Powder Butterfly is British made and sold through British owned companies right here in the UK. If we do happen to outsource any products, we ensure that every item is hand selected by us and that the companies we choose are ethical and responsible employers, and that they are committed to carbon neutral shipping methods.

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Individual Personalisation

A selection of our uniquely British corporate gifts are available individually personalised with names, dates, quotations or messages to make the recipient feel extra special.

Quality, Selection And Value

Powder Butterfly’s corporate gifts and bespoke products offer quality, selection and value and you will find a gift designed to suit any occasion and any budget. When you need a corporate gift for an event or award ceremony, choose Powder Butterfly and experience the difference our quality, selection and value can make for you today.

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Contact Powder Butterfly

To learn more about the benefits of shopping locally, contact Powder Butterfly today and shop a wide selection of uniquely British items and more!

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