There has been a movement recently here in the UK in which consumers are beginning to shop locally again. I say again because long before the introduction of the supermarket and warehouse shopping became popular, people everywhere would go to their local markets and high street shops to purchase the things they needed. Everything from clothing and home goods, to hardware, crafts and more were purchased this way and we got high quality products and unmatched service every time we shopped. We counted on local businesses to have what we needed, when we needed it.

     With the introduction of these large retail shopping centres, many local businesses had to close up shop. While many of the products being sold at these retailers were imported from overseas and weren’t as high of quality as you would find locally, the prices were low and that is what attracted many buyers. Another drawback that came along with shopping with these large retailers is that buying imported goods increased the carbon footprint of both the retailer and the buyer.

     Still, there were, and still are, many benefits to shopping locally and we are going to take a look at some of them now.

6 Benefits Of Shopping Locally

Improve The Local Economy- when you shop your local vendors, you are putting your money right back into the local economy. If everyone in your community shopped locally, the entire community would thrive. This is because every time you spend money with a local creative business, that money goes back into the community whenever that retailer purchases something local as well. Local independent businesses depend on your purchases to feed their families and send their children off to uni. Additionally, many of the local creative businesses are selling products that you will often find copied by much larger retailers who are only looking to make a profit and they don’t care who they are taking their money from. In short, shop locally and buy the original.

Improved Lifestyle- shopping for local meats, dairy and produce are not only a good way to support local farms, but it can also improve your family’s health and well-being. It can also help reduce many food and environmental allergies. And, when you receive a gift of a high quality, unique Made In Britain item, you will know that some thought went into that gift and you will feel even more special. What’s more, the homeware found at many of your local independent retailers can help you achieve a personalised look for your home that reflects your inimitable personality.

Reduced Carbon Footprint- when you shop locally and purchase products that are Made In Britain, you are reducing your overall carbon footprint as these products are both made and sold locally, without being imported from overseas which can cause more pollution than necessary. Buy locally made products with the Made In Britain logo and get higher quality products along with better value for your money.

Better Customer Service- when shopping online, you rarely get to talk to an actual person, and when you do, the service leaves a lot to be desired. Shopping locally means that you get to talk to the retailer and the service is typically much better in person. The local business owner also has a lot more riding on that sale so they will make sure that their staff is always putting the needs of the customer first.

Know The People Behind The Product- shopping locally ensures that you meet the person you are buying from. You get more personalised service and you begin to build better customer/retailer relationships.

Make Your Community One-Of-A-Kind- there are many benefits to shopping locally which have a direct effect on the local community, but shopping locally also indirectly affects local commerce. When you shop locally, you make your community one-of-a-kind and that can draw tourists as they search for unique British-made goods.

Shop Local, Shop British

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