Shopper Bag for The North Group

Last Summer I was fortunate enough to be commissioned to produce two sculptures for the St. Oswald’s Snowdog trail which made such a strong impression across the North East when the sculptures were put on display in public spaces across the region last Autumn. An app was even produced which encouraged parents and children (but mainly children!) to visit all 60 Snowdogs to ‘collect’ the full set.

Tyne Tail Jack snowdog sculpture for St Oswalds sculpture trail

The proposed designs that each artist submitted, drawn either digitally or by hand, were picked up by a sponsor. Fortunately for me, one of my designs was chosen by the North Group, a long established marine insurance business on Newcastle’s quayside who were drawn to some of the well known landmarks in the artwork: the Sage, the Millennium Bridge and the Tyne Bridge, which actually sit on their doorstep. Not only did they sponsor the artwork for the sculpture, they also purchased it at the auction which took place at the Sage at the start of December last year. Tyne Tail Jack is now touring many schools in the North East so that the local community continue to enjoy my artwork and The North Group’s investment which is really wonderful.

During the course of transferring the cityscape design on to the sculpture I was visited at the design studios on a number of occasions by the lovely people from the North Group and worked with them to modify some small details in the design to make it more personalised for their company. They were very happy with the design, and the dog itself, which stood on the quayside for a few months, became an attraction for young and old alike (and stag parties who fancied a ride on the dog!) during its short stay. My main point of contact was Kim Heaselden (Senior Executive, Communications).

Make Up bag for The North Group

“I first met Corinne at Powder Butterfly following the artist matching event for the Great North Snowdogs in 2016. Her design for our snowdog ‘Tyne Tail Jack’ was just what we were looking for as it reflected our north-east heritage and HQ location on the Newcastle Quayside. We worked closely with Corinne throughout the Great North Snowdogs campaign and this has evolved into Powder Butterfly coming ‘onboard’ as a supplier for our unique regional gifts which are very popular with our clients overseas.” Kim Heaselden

Shopper Bag for The North Group

As a result, the North Group decided that they were interested in commissioning me to design some products which could be mass produced as ‘give-aways’ to help promote their business. Our aim was to strike the right balance between promoting the company itself by integrating the North Group logo into the design, and the artwork that complimented the business. So the end result are these two lovely pieces of work- a shopper bag and a cosmetics bag, still using the distinctive Powder Butterfly artwork to celebrate the wonderful landmarks and architecture that we have in the North East, whilst putting the North Group at the heart of the designs, and our region.

Shopper Bag detail for The North Group

Both of these products were designed in house by our resident designer and creative director Corinne Lewis-Ward. The shopper bag and cosmetics bag are both made from 100% cotton, the cosmetics bag is fully lined with a waterproof lining. And they are both machine washable. Both products are made from scratch by our British manufacturers, these products are made with a great attention to detail and are of the highest quality.

Cosmetics Bag for The North Group

Apparently studies have shown that an exchange of free gifts between companies and clients helps in encouraging effective and healthy business relationships and, maybe more crucially, is highly effective on a simple level of fixing the name and identity of your business in the mind of your partner. If you are a British based company it makes sound business sense to support your local economy and to promote the outstanding products and services that you are using in Britain, especially if you are fostering client loyalty with overseas businesses. Sounds like a good idea to me!

Logo detail on the Cosmetics bag for The North Group

So, if you are part of a company that think that you might benefit from the design of a high quality corporate gift please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can respond to your ideas in the creation of original artwork or utilise our existing designs to create a memorable gift that your staff and partners will cherish.

Cosmetics bag detail for The North Group

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You can find out more about the sculpture trail from the St Oswalds official website here.

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