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Not long ago Newcastle University asked me to produce a gift for their visiting speakers. I am often asked me to create original, bespoke artwork for a special occasion (such as the tea set that I designed for the Vice Chancellor last year). Alternatively, I will make use of existing artwork and use my manufacturers to create something different for their organisation. This is one of those. So, the brief was that the gift be something novel and original. The university wanted to create something that was practical, useable and attractive.


Laser Crystal Award for Newcastle University

So, this is the final piece. My job in this instance is to modify the artwork and identify the best fabricators to transfer the artwork to the selected materials. I also have to ensure that the whole thing is brought in within the budget provided. I have found that during the course of developing my own products I’ve learnt about a massive range of techniques and processes that are out there that I was simply unaware of. However, when people see the results of what our manufacturers can produce it often inspires someone to see the potential for their own organisation. They might then ask for something original and unique that their clients or partners will either make use of or put on display (rather than bury at the bottom of their office drawer!)


Laser Crystal Award for Newcastle University

So, please feel free to get in touch with me if you or someone that you know might be interested in commissioning an original gift. I’m happy to discuss that gift, whether that involves creating new artwork or refashioning old images in a new and exciting way. It might just make a difference to your business or organisation.








Our contact at Newcastle University had this to say about the service that they received:

“I was tasked with looking into a corporate gift for visiting speakers we have at the University, and having seen Corinne’s work before – I knew (and hoped!) that she would help to create something special. After getting in touch with a very vague request, not really knowing what I wanted, Corinne got back to me straight away with ideas and suggestions of a crystal laser etched paperweight. Soon after images and quotes came through – all within budget; I don’t have much experience of commissioning work, and Corinne made it really easy. The design and delivery process was quick and smooth and the final product was very impressive, and works perfectly. I couldn’t recommend Corinne highly enough, I’ve always been impressed by her work and am so pleased I had the opportunity to work with her to create a beautiful gift. Thank you!”

Public Lectures and Events Manager
Corporate PR and Events


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