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Recently I turned 40, which for anyone who has turned 40 you will understand that it can be a very interesting time. My dear cousin who is 3 months younger than me turned 40 as well and I wanted to mark the occasion by creating something very special for him.

I spent a lot of time with my cousin in my formative years, we both spent a lot of time with our grandparents. When you reach the big 40 nostalgia becomes compulsory and I found myself wondering what I could make my cousin that would be special, wearable, unique and inspired by our grandparents.

Our Grandma passed away last year at the ripe old age of 99 and we were both very close to her. For me she was an amazing inspiration, mother of 9 children, a teacher and a dear friend to me. She was a true matriarch of our family and my cousin and I have so many fond memories of time spent at our grandparents house. My Grandma taught English all her working life and I had no idea that my Grandma designed and commissioned her own set of jewellery. The grapevine inspired jewellery she designed is featured in this blog post. My Grandma designed a beautiful necklace and bracelet. I fell in love with my Grandma’s design and wondered if I could create something new for my cousins big birthday that had an echo of these beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Beryl's Design

I particularly loved the central leaf shape on the bracelet and used this as a starting point for my design. Once I had isolated the structure I then needed to translate my idea and articluate what I wanted it to look like for my jeweller. I decided that cuff links would be most suitable for everyday use, and the most practical.

I was so pleased with the results and it was quite a challenge to get across how sparkly and bright these beautiful cuff links are through photography.

DerrenView05Bespoke Cuff Links

Each cuff link has been hand cut and hand engraved, and they are truley unique and luxurious.

Bespoke Cuff Links

I love way that we have managed to take a beautiful vintage jewellery set and renew its legacy by creating a contemporary, classic, elegant and luxurious pair of cuff links.

Bespoke Cuff links and box

I also chose this contemporary black wooden luxury cuff link box to display and keep the finished cuff links in. This added a beautiful finishing touch to the cuff links.

Bespoke Cuff Links

My design was brought to life by a very talented jeweller based in the North East of England and her engraving specialist. Each cuff link was hand cut and shaped and then hand engraved. It is the attention to detail that makes these beautiful items so unique and special and showcase what wonderful craftsmanship we have in the UK. I was really impressed by how bright, beautiful, luxurious and unique the cuff links are, and it was a very proud moment handing them over to my cousin. I love working with British crafts people and manufacturers it is one of the most important parts of what make Powder Butterfly unique. Finding the right people to work with is an essential part of providing our clients with diverse, high quality and unique services.

Bespoke Cuff Links

Once these beautiful pieces had been made it occurred to me that there is potential to revamp any vintage jewellery item that you might have in your jewellery box. Many vintage pieces are simply too valuable and at times too fragile to wear on a daily basis. But using a simple design process it is easy to create something new and unique to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Should you have any bespoke jewellery requirements please feel free to get in touch below. I am excited to see what I could create next!! And I am looking forward to hearing from you today.

Bespoke Cuff Links

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