How to make the perfect cup of tea

A perfectly made cup of tea is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Here at Powder Butterfly, we like nothing better than sitting down to a good cup of tea – whether we’re celebrating or commiserating (or simply taking the weight off our tired feet), the perfect cup of tea is always our go-to refreshment break.

That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide to making the perfect cup of tea – simply adjust the brewing times to suit your own personal tea tastes.

To make your own perfect cup of tea, you’ll need:

  • Your favourite loose leaf or bagged tea (loose leaf is always recommended, but we understand that, sometimes, convenience is key)
  • Some gorgeous fine bone china cups and saucers
  • Your favourite teapot
  • A lovely tea cosy
  • A kettle with some freshly boiled water

If you’re using loose leaf tea, why not make your own tea bags? It saves so much time during the cleaning process…

OK, so the temperature of the water is crucial. But boiling is boiling, right?

Well no, not so actually.

The perfect temperature for most black teas is 96⁰C – a thermometer will help you get the right temperature. Don’t boil your water more than once as tea needs oxygen – multiple boils will knock oxygen out of your water and leave a metallic taste behind.

Once boiled, pour a tiny bit into your teapot and give it a swirl round to heat the pot. Pour that out then fill the pot to the required level. Check the temperature and pop your tea or tea bag in when it reaches 96⁰C then cover the pot with your best city-themed tea cosy!

The amount of time you leave your tea mashing / brewing / walking around the pot depends on how strong you like your brew. Use this time to sit back, relax and choose your favourite biscuit.

Using the right cup

At Powder Butterfly, we would always recommend using fine bone china for every cup of tea. It won’t alter the taste of your tea or make it cool down too fast – every cup will be perfect.

Fine bone china has been used for serving tea since it first arrived on our shores from China. We love tea so much that we’ve designed a fabulous range of fine bone china which would make the perfect gift for tea lovers – check it out here.

Avoiding thermal shock

Without getting too technical, pouring hot liquid into a cold cup can cause your fine bone china to crack – a phenomenon known as thermal shock.

There are a couple of ways of avoiding this, which make perfect sense when you think about them.

First, warm your cup up slightly before adding your tea – this will lessen the shock and head off any cracking risk.

Secondly, add your milk before your tea – this will immediately cool the amber nectar before it has a chance to harm your gorgeous crockery. Phew.

And there you have it. A perfect cup of tea.

Add sugar or leave it unsweetened, dunk a biscuit or add a delicious slice of cake, slurp from the saucer or extend your pinky as you sip. Whichever way you choose to enjoy your cuppa, sit back, relax and savour every mouthful.

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