London is one of those cities that tends to stick with you even long after you have visited on holiday. Whether you visited London to see the ‘touristy’ attractions, or you wanted to experience what real life in one of the world’s greatest cities was like, London more than likely delivered, and then some. With so much to see and do in London, you might miss out on some of the best sites the city has to offer. From exclusive British products to authentic British food, London has everything you need to make your UK holiday memorable and exciting.

Let’s take a look at some hidden gems that you may not have discovered on your last trip to London and find some of the best that London has to offer:

Pie And Mash Shops– for a truly best of British experience while in London, you have to visit an authentic pie and mash shop. From the food to the atmosphere and the locals dining on jellied eels, London’s pie and mash shops are a must!

Camden Town– Camden Town is a popular hangout for London’s alternative culture and it provides a glimpse into a much more raw version of the city, With  tattoo parlours, dive bars, handmade jewellery and buskers filling the streets, you are sure to get a ‘Best of British’ experience when visiting this London neighbourhood.

The Thames Path– if you are looking for authentic British products, you will find them on the 40-mile-long Thames Path. Stretching alongside the Thames river, the Thames Path features a wide range of British pubs, food vendors and small shoppes.

Shop Powder Butterfly– if you are looking for a unique gift that is British made, shop the selection of products at Powder Butterfly. Founded by Corinne Lewis-Ward and with products exclusively made in Britain, Powder Butterfly’s collection of gifts and collectables features many of London’s most famous landmarks. Products can be personalised to your liking as well!

 Secret Cinema– the Secret Cinema is held in many different locations throughout London and it gives theatre lovers a semi-private showing of a popular film. Films are usually shown in abandoned warehouses, large outdoor stadiums and more.

Wilton’s Music Hall– when you think of London theatre, the images that come to mind for many are recreated in Wilton’s Music Hall. A completely restored Victorian-era music hall, Wilton’s offers a variety of performances and a beautifully designed Mahogany Bar where you grab a drink between sets.

Secret Bars– London has many underground bars that are known only to the locals. One of the best underground bars to visit in London is Callooh Callay, with its Alice-in-Wonderland theme (you actually enter through a Victorian wardrobe).

Notting Hill Carnival – This world renowned carnival is London’s biggest street party with over 2 million visitors each year. It features booming sound systems, colourful parades, and some of the best street food to be found anywhere in The Big Smoke. If you are visiting London in August, be sure to visit the streets of Notting Hill.

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